Emissions are actually wasted, unburned fuel. ​Carburetors and fuel injectors only squirt liquid into the motor.  However, liquid does not burn.  Only vapor burns.  Millions of barrels of gasoline are blown into the sky, costing you precious money at the pump.  

Learn how to run your car on vapor now!


We know gas prices are high, so we would like you to double or triple your mileage with fuel vaporization!

Up until now, 
monopolies have kept this quiet!    
Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation will help us bring very high mileage devices to the marketplace!  As a donor you are now qualified to join one on one teaching courses on how to convert your vehicle to RUN ON VAPOR !
Specialists in both Vaporized Gasoline and Hydrogen Technologies.  
​ A portion of your purchase will be donated 
    to the only political party in history associated with making these types of technology available to the public. 

FEP Candidate Dave Parker shows a large truck running on a half and half mixture of vaporized gasoline and water. He says the American Public deserve a President that brings 100 mpg technology forward not a President that helps suppress it !
The truth about gas and vapor part 1 
The truth about gas and vapor part 2 
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