Running on Vapor (ROV) Technology Review:

This is an interesting video because they are actually running air through liquid, and then coming out with vapor.  Since only vapor burns when fed in to the intake manifold, this should increase your gas milage slightly.  However, there are a few problems with the idea.  

Gasoline has additives in it that will not burn.  It's hard to imagine that a portion of the gallon of gas that you buy is just filler.  However, if you take an amount of liquid gasoline, and run air through it, you can run an entire car, but it leaves behind liquid that won't burn. At first you were just burrning the more flammable fractions off of the gasoline, and then something weird is left behind that will not run the car.  

To beat this problem, we recommend a spray nozzle against a fan blade to completely vaporize all of the fuel.  Even higher milage can be obtained by heating the fuel, or spraying it onto a heater.  Bear in mind there is no one on the internet showing you how to run a car completely off vapor, but we can show you that.  

Much to do has been made of bypassing the car's computers.  The OBD computer system is on vehicles after 1998.  Unbelievable as it is, the computer is designed to waste fuel.  If you put a small amount of hydrogen or a small amount of gasoline vapor (as is featured in this video), your oxygen sensors falsely show that you are running "too lean," and the computer tells the car to waste more fuel.  That is because the injectors are controlled by the computer.  

We can show you how to do something no one else is showing. How to completely turn your injectors off, and put pure vapor into the top of your motor and bypass your computer.  When the computer tells the injectors to waste more of your precious fuel, nothing happens.  Surprise, surprise, you have dissconnected your injectors, and you are running on vapor!   The computer does not interfere with the timing, or shut the motor off!  

When you sit a glass of water on top of the motor running on liquid, it jiggles the water in the glass.  But when you sit a glass of water on top of the motor running on vapor, the water does not jiggle.  Vapor runs smoothly because only vapor burns.  Our cars should worry about liquid lock in a vapor system, not vapor lock on a liquid system.  


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